What should we wear for our family session?

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Need a little guidance? You’ve come to the right place.

You’ve booked your session and you’re excited to finally replace the dated family photo hanging in your living room. You pull all of your favorite outfits for yourself, your spouse, and your kids and lay them on the bed, hoping you’ll have an “aha!” moment and know exactly what you’ll all wear. But that doesn’t happen. “Maybe I’ll run to Target or Dillard’s and pick us all up white shirts- that’s still a thing, right?”

Maybe I’ll run to Target or Dillard’s and pick us all up white shirts- that’s still a thing, right?

While some people love the look of matching outfits, for a timeless and authentic look, I recommend coordinating your outfits rather than matching them. What do I mean? Well, I’m glad you asked.

You know how when you moved into your home, all the beige walls seemed kind of “blah”? So, you looked up color palettes to dress up your space and bring in some life! That’s what you want to do with your clothes. Find two to four colors that all compliment each other, mix them in with some cohesive neutrals, and BAM! You’re ready to be my next family featured in a magazine. You don’t have to shy away from prints, either. Choose one or two family members to rock prints in colors that coordinate with the other’s clothes! After all, you’re wanting to show off your family’s personality, right? If you’re really lost, put two family members in different shades of the same color, and keep the rest in cohesive neutrals (shades of grey or tans and browns).

Still need some help? If you’re booked for a family session with Rafter T Photography, get in contact with me, and I’ll personally help you plan out what to wear. Your photos are important, and worth taking the time to plan out the details.

My final piece of advice? Relax, and let your photographer do their thing! It’s our job to know how to direct you. You don’t have to know all the answers- just ask!